The ’90s heartthrob has reappeared!

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According to E!, JTT hasn’t been photographed in public since 2013…until now.

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Over the weekend, Jonathan was spotted walking two tiny dogs (so cute!) in Los Angeles while rocking sunglasses, a New York Mets baseball cap, Nikes, jeans, and a hoodie. Pretty casual!

Doesn’t it just…make you miss him?

According to Deadline, he’s inked a deal to executive-produce a TV series based on David Henry Sterry’s memoir, Master of Ceremonies: A True Story of Love, Murder, Roller Skates & Chippendales, coming soon. But will he ever reemerge as an actor? It’s impossible to tell.

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Jonathan should play David!

JTT first exited Home Improvement in 1998 to go to college but went on to do a few films, according to Us Weekly. He did eventually go to school, enrolling at Harvard University, Columbia University, and St. Andrews University in Scotland.

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“You can’t be trapped in this bubble called the acting industry,” JTT told Premiere Magazine in 1996. “The industry is neurotic and weird, and so when I go home and I play basketball with my friends, I’m not Jonathan Taylor Thomas. I’m just Jonathan. I don’t like hanging out with other actors and actresses.”

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No wonder he wanted to leave Hollywood behind!

Offscreen or on it, it’s just nice to see Jonathan again.

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