Ben Barnes is hot, but Mal and Alina are endgame.

The Grishaverse has made it onto the small screen, and the fans definitely have some thoughts about Mal and Alina.

There’s just something about best friends to lovers that tugs at our heartstrings!

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Mal and Alina grew up in an orphanage together and became separated when Alina came to the Little Palace to whip her powers into shape. And they’re not technically lovers yet, but many stand by this canonical ship.

And yes, we know that Ben Barnes is one flaming hot Cheeto as the Darkling.

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The kiss between him and Alina? Explosive. But it’s worth mentioning that he’s also low-key evil and put stag horns into her chest, you know? Mal and Alina have that nice Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe thing going for them.

While Mal and Alina remain pretty much platonic in season one of Shadow and Bone, we’re smitten by their relationship so far. And so is the Internet (as well as Jessie Mei Li) — here’s what the people of Tumblr and Twitter have to say about this ship!

1. Malina for life.

Mal: Alina, know that when I told you about true north, I was talking about you. You are my truth north. And I can see my way to you now. Me:

01:49 AM – 25 Apr 2021

@DAReadsnropes / Via Twitter: @DAReadsnropes

8. Yes.

“what is mal’s storyline outside of protecting alina” he doesn’t have one, he simply exists to serve and worship her like any good man in a good ship should

08:10 PM – 27 Apr 2021

@alinastarkohv / Via Twitter: @alinastarkohv

16. Just the plain and honest truth!

malina have childhood friends to lovers, parallels all throughout those episodes, writing letters to eachother, spending their whole time trying to find eachother, only feeling safe with eachother yeah how was i expected not to ship THAT

12:03 AM – 25 Apr 2021

@stelexie / Via Twitter: @steIexie

17. This one’s for the rare folks out there who follow both ships.

@dcrklings / Via Twitter: @dcrkIings

19. Gently weeping!

The scene at the end of episode 2 of #ShadowAndBone with Alina and Mal getting in their different beds in different places and still reaching out for the other is the most poetic scene in the world and it has me crying every single time.

09:35 AM – 24 Apr 2021

@ladymultifandom / Via Twitter: @ladymultifandom

What are your thoughts on the Mal and Alina ship? Are they your one true pairing? Let us know below!

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