23. “I’m in Israel and there is a mandatory 15 weeks of paid parental leave. The first six weeks must be taken by the one who gave birth but I decided to go back to work part-time (like five hours a week) and transfer the rest to my husband who got to take the rest of the leave paid.”

“Payment for parental leave is calculated by your last three pay stubs. You are paid the total amount you earned over the last three pay stubs per month if you worked any job at all on the books for 10 of the past 12 months OR (I think) 15 of the past 18 months… Not sure about the second part.

After the 15 weeks, I could have taken another 15 weeks of unpaid leave, and my job HAD to take me back at the exact same pay and to give me a paid hour every day for pumping/leaving early to go home to nurse. I couldn’t be fired within six months of returning (unless the employer went to labor court to get a special approval) and I could quit within the first year to take care of my kid and would get the same benefits as if I was fired.

Israel might not have the best health insurance but it far beats the US.”