Stackie 4 ever! <3

1. The time Anthony hyped up Sebastian like any loyal friend should:

2. When they both savagely roasted Tom Holland — and keep doing it every chance they get:

3. When they added a little bit of ✨spice✨ to their D23 panel entrance:

4. When their chemistry was SO perfect, on screen and off, that they were able to improv this hilarious The Falcon and the Winter Soldier scene:


5. When they were clearly very, very confused about what the heck was going on during this press interview, but giggled it off together:

I’m convinced this is an inside joke between them now.

7. When Sebastian shared the nicknames they have for each other:

8. When they bonded over their escape room adventure on the red carpet and made their interviewer feel like a total third wheel:

9. When they shared this freaking adorable bro hug during an Avengers: Civil War panel:

10. When they had a thumb war and things went exactly as you’d expect:

11. When Sebastian officially declared he was the needy bestie of the two:

12. When they brought their undying love for each other to the ‘gram:

13. When Sebastian shared that he does, in fact, own a Falcon cardboard cutout:

14. When they stopped filming TFATWS to film “a couple of things from a couple of guys” and it made zero sense, but also made SO much sense:

15. And finally, when Anthony claimed to have slept on Sebastian’s couch but Sebastian called it a lie, and they created this iconic couch debate:

So, what’s your favorite Stackie moment? Tell us in the comments!

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