53. Post musical break, W + M wander the streets of an unfamiliar city at night. Luckily, they discover a classy pizzeria to hang out in.

54. There, we meet Katie, who both speaks and signs all of her dialogue.

55. The pizza place is called Mozzeria, and we learn from our new pal Katie that everyone who works here is deaf.

56. Wow, this is absolutely amazing. I love that this restaurant exists, and that the show is highlighting it.

57. OK, every time Mochi ~sort of speaks~, it sounds like he’s saying “Mamma Mia!” Is this intentional or am I projecting?

58. So far, this show has been very low-key about its themes of healthy eating. Of course, they’ve highlighted the importance (and deliciousness) of fresh produce, but choosing to emphasize a food like pizza really shows that their first priority is pitching food and cooking as a joyful, communal experience.

59. A bunch of adorable kids guess in different languages if a tomato is a vegetable or a fruit. About 50% of them are wrong, but that’s fine. They hadn’t gotten the chance to watch this episode before they were asked.